Education Cannot Compensate for Society

‘Those who govern are prisoners of a reassuring young entourage of young, white, middle-class technocrats who often know almost nothing about the everyday lives of their fellow citizens and have no oc

“Them Ther is Fighin Words”

“Nigger”. It’s the first word that appears on Barry Noreen’s Gazette article, Use Fighting Words, and You Should Expect a Fight, but instead, it’s written as n—-.

Intercultural Communication

The success of personal and professional relationships depends on the effectiveness of intercultural communication.

Second-hand Smoke

Imagine yourself sitting down to dinner at a restaurant and eating with your spouse, friend or significant other, when all of a sudden all you can smell is smoke.

Biography of Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was a runaway slave who was known as the “Moses of her people.” Over the course of ten years at her own risk, she led many slaves to freedom using the Underground Railroad.

African Yoruba Drumming

There are many things that set Yoruba drumming and Shona mbira music apart from one another. Most plainly of which is the sound that each produces.

Biography Margaret Garner: The Modern Medea

Margaret Garner was a slave, murderer, and loving mother, whose love was so great for her children that she would rather see them die than go back to a life of slavery. The trial that proceeded afterwards gained national attention and was a focus point for many abolitionists and the anti-slavery movement. To fully understand what motivated her to commit such a monstrous act, it is necessary to examine the conditions of servitude that she and many millions like her were serving.

The Life of Nat Turner: The Fires of Jubilee

The fires of Jubilee takes place in the 19th century. It’s about an extraordinary man who who lived during this time and all the struggles he faced. It shows why he made the decisions he did while slavery was going on in the world.

Global Warming and Carbon Credits

Global warming refers to the recent increase in the Earth’s temperature. The effects of this climate change are already being felt around the world. Scientists predict that temperatures will rise up to 6°C further over the next century. This may cause rises in sea level, extre,e weather events such as hurricanes and heat waves, and war and disease, particularly in developing countries.

Camera Corps – Corporate Biorgraphy

En route to Norway for this year’s World Ice Hockey Championships, Laurie Frost is thinking about Sydney, Australia in the year 2000. Frost’s company, London-based Camera Corps, is the turnkey supplier of the over 350 specialty camera systems that will be used at the Sydney Olympics.

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