Population and development in Nigeria

Population has its effects on development and mostly when its rate is increasing, underdevelopment occurs. High population growth especially in Nigeria Is a challenge for three major reasons. First, rapid population growth puts a lot of stress on ecosystems. Many different issues such as food security, land tenure, environmental degradation and water supply do have a demographic background. Civil strife is also often caused by population pressure on scarce resources. Secondly, rapid population growth impacts on the economy because governments need to provide human capital investments for their population –education, health, etc. When population grows too fast such investments become logistically and

The Great Dream of a Great Person

On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his infamous “I Have a Dream” speech that forever changed America’s perception of the black people. Up until then, the blacks were segregated in almost every aspect of life and had very few rights. It can be said today, some 35 years after his death that King was truly one of the greatest black activists in history who helped shape the lives of every black person in America. This speech by King was the pinnacle moment of his movement. He was already well-known by the whole country before this speech for his involvement with racial discrimination. His beginning as a national figure began when he was named president of the Montgomery Improvement Association, an organization that directed a bus boycott. The black people were not happy that they had to give up their seats to white

Ben Wallace Biography

“Subhuman conditions produce subhumans.” Richard Wright’s theme in Native Son says that if you grow up in a family or city that does not have a lot of success, you won’t be successful yourself. It relates to naturalism in a direct way. Naturalism says that your fate depends on your environment and your heredity. I do not believe this theory. There are many others who also don’t believe this theory. One person that disproves this theory is Ben Wallace.

Electronic Monitoring in the Workplace

Many articles, papers and books have been written concerning the electronic monitor in the work place. The majority of these writings focus on the employee’s right to privacy, the employer’s lost of revenue and resources, and the cost to the average consumer is often overlooked. Technology advances and the decrease in cost for the equipment have allowed most any employer to be able to monitor their employees. E-mail, Internet and phone monitoring at the work place will be explored focusing on the employer’s lost revenue and productivity. Like all other cost of doing business, the additional cost for electronic monitoring is passed on to the consumer.

James Weldon Johnson Biography

James Weldon Johnson’s career was one of extraordinary range, spanning the worlds of diplomacy (as U.S. consul in Venezuela and Nicaragua), politics (as Secretary of the NAACP), journalism (as founder of one newspaper and longtime editor of another), musical theater (as lyricist for the Broadway songwriting team of Cole and Johnson Brothers), and literature (as novelist, poet, and anthologist). At the dawning of what would become the modern civil rights movement, he forged a record of accomplishment that defied the odds.

Slavery: An American Institution

Slavery is a dark stain on America’s past. The “peculiar institution” lasted far longer in the United States than it did elsewhere in the world, and became solidly entrenched in American politics, culture, and economics during the first century of America’s existence. From the time the union was formed, slavery was a contentious issue that created sectionalism. While several northern states limited

Biography of Jesse Owens

Born in rural Oakville, Alabama, a track star that changed the way people in this world think was born. In this quote, Jesse Owens stated: “To me, we must learn to spell the word RESPECT. We must respect the rights and properties of our fellowman. And then learn to play the game of life, as well as the game