Example Physical Therapy Consultation – Anatomy Paper

This 19 y/o young man was seen today for a Physical Therapy consultation. This patient is known to me-I had seen him at Kids in Motion for several years when he was of pre-school age. Jaime presents with spastic diplegia-cerebral palsy, and has just moved back into

Tumors and Other Lesions of Bone – Anatomy Research Paper

Primary tumors of bone are relatively uncommon in comparison with secondary or metastatic neoplasms. They are, however, of great clinical significance because some grow rapidly and metastasize widely. Although tumors of bone have been categorized classically as

Ergonomics Lifting Lab – Anatomy Essay

Ergonomics Lifting Lab – Anatomy Essay
Abstract – The purpose of the experiment was to determine the moment of force as well as the shear and compressive forces acting on the lumbar spine (L4/L5) during two different lifting techniques – crane and bent knee. The

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