Hills Like White Elephants

Ernest Hemmingway tells the story “Hills like White Elephants” nearly through pure dialog about two lovers conflicted over a serious decision. As the story progresses and through their tight conversation he

Louisa May Alcott the “Little Women”

The book the Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, was based on the life of her and her family. Her family was trying to overcome the terrible things that had happened because of the war. Alcott wrote this book to inspire women, to let them know that things will get

Summary of The Giver – Book Reviews

Summary of The Giver – Book Reviews
The book Giver is about life without color, war, fear, or pain. Everything is under control. There are no choices. Everybody is assigned a role in the community. Everybody in the community is given a job when they turn 12. When

China’s Roots by Orient Lee – Book Review

China’s Roots by Orient Lee – Book Review
As one of the oldest and largest civilizations in the world, China has seen both its political state and culture morph in countless ways through periods of war, peace, prosperity, and destitution. To summarize its thousands

‘O Caledonia’ by Elspeth Barker

“How successful is Elspeth Barker in creating sympathy for Janet in ‘O Caledonia’” you may wish to refer to theme, presentation of character, setting, narrative viewpoint and language in your analysis.‘O Caledonia’ by Elspeth Barker is a murder-mystery story set in 1950’s Aberdeenshire. It tells the story of a young girl called janet, as she grows up into adulthood. The story begins with a prologue where janet is murdered, and we are then told the story of her childhood. The Author makes the reader feel sympathy for janet, and a sense of loss at her death. In this essay, I am going to examine how