Dr. Edward Deming Essay

Dr. Edward Deming is said to be the father of modern quality and a leader in business management. He claimed that an organization must change its organizational behaviors if it had any chance of reaching its highest level of performance. Deming’s work in Japan–rebuilding industries after World War II and instructing top executives and engineers in quality management–was a driving force behind the nation’s economic rise and their reputation for high quality products.

Employment Law Essay

Employment Law Paper
The purpose of this report is to investigate an exact, theoretical employment situation encountered and to include the information regarding employment conflicts, questions, grievances, lawsuits, etc., in terms of how the situation was handled or resolved. Employment situations are a constant issue everyday in any organization; it is how you handle them both legally and professionally that counts.

Ethics in Business Essay

The Dimensions of Justice, an article found in What’s Right and Wrong in Business by R. Gomez , is a detailed discussion on the the three types of justice (called dimensions by the article title) that are found in all business environments. In the article, Gomez compares and contrasts the three, giving examples of each to prove his claims. Using this article, through the relationships that are made by Gomez, and using the examples that he makes, it is possible to discern and to draw a parallel between his account of what justice is, and that of Aristotle’s, using his discussions, given in his texts in Book V, of Nicomachean Ethics. To do this, we will first look at justice as accounted by Aristotle, and then define justice in accordance with Gomez, and finally we will compare and contrast these two articles to learn the true meanings of justice and, ultimately, discover if Gomez’s arguments are grounded in Aristotle’s ethical background pertaining to this topic, and see if any significant differences arise in their explanations.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause

Law/531 – Business Law
September 7, 2008

Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause

Conflict in the workplace can be incredibly destructive to good team work, and If a disagreement arises out of a learning team , the starting point for dealing with this dispute is to identify the overriding conflict style employed by the team leader, the team or the organization through the following five steps:

Developing Branding Strategies

Introduction to branding strategies
Brand strategy is aimed at influencing people’s perception of a brand in such a way that they are persuaded to act in a certain manner, e.g. buy and use the products and services offered by the brand, purchase these at higher price points, donate to a cause. In addition, most brand strategies aim to persuade people to buy, use, and donate again by offering them some form of gratifying experience. As branding is typically an activity that is undertaken in a competitive environment, the aim is also to persuade people to prefer the brand to competition.

International Paper

International Paper employs 66,500 employees and of those employees, 47,100 are located in the United States. International Paper is ranked 93rd among Fortune 500 companies and No. 1 in the forest products sector for the Most Admired Company. The stock is traded internationally on the New York, Swiss and Amsterdam exchanges.

Gap Analysis: Lester Electronics


Gap Analysis: Lester Electronics

University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Lester Electronics
Lester Electronics has an exclusive deal with the Korean manufacturer of capacitors to be the sole distributor of the capacitors within the United States. Lester Electronics uses the capacitors in its small and medium sized equipment. Lester Electronics in partnership with Shang Wa have made inroads in both the consumer and industrial areas of the market. This has helped both organizations grow and has led to the opportunity of a merger between both organizations. Lester Electronics, however, faces a hostile takeover from another company within the market who would like to grow using the takeover. This hostile takeover, if completed would end the exclusivity of the contract between Lester Electronics and Shang Wa. This has made a merger between the two organizations even more important to Lester Electronics and must be accomplished as quickly as possible.

What are Stock Options

A lot of companies today have continue to offer their employees, their potential employees as well as other affiliated individuals, stock options as a way of recruiting, retaining and even motivating these particular individuals. During the last twenty years, stock options have increasingly become a major fringe benefit to employees who are salaried. In spite of some companies such as Dell, Amazon and Microsoft having recently reduced or abolished stock options for their employees, many other companies have continued with the practice which is common in the United States. As Albrecht, (1991) notes, the utilization of stock options in the technology industry has remained specifically widespread. Stock option plans allows the employees to buy a company’s share.

Gene One – the Transition from Private to Public

Making the decision to transition from a private to public company, Gene One faces many obstacles that must be overcome in order to be established as strong competitor on Wall Street. The goal of Gene One is to go IPO within 3 years and increase annual growth targets by 40 percent without sacrificing the culture of the organization. Having received resignations from top executives based on the company’s decision to go public, Gene One has the challenge of forming a senior leadership team that is capable of making the transition. The team needs to ensure requirements of the SEC are met to avoid future consequences. By benchmarking other companies, Gene One will be able to learn from the best practices as well as the mistakes that have been made when going IPO. Taking advantage of this information will lead to a successful transition and allow Gene One to accomplish the goals executives have set forth.