Computers and Network Security

Security is a must when dealing with a data network, this is why you have to take the proper precautions of coming up with a system to protect a business from any intruders, hackers, or anything of that nature. For most businesses you need a strong firewall and proxy to keep unwanted people out. You will also need a strong Anti-virus software and Internet Security Software. For authentication, you must use strong passwords and change it on a bi-weekly/monthly basis. When using a wireless connection, you must have a robust password. You also must raise awareness about physical security to employees. Finally, you must implement an optional network analyzer or network monitor.

Riordan Human Resource System

Riordan Manufacturing was founded in 1991 by Michael Riordan with an initial focus on the licensing of existing patents, research and development. Today they are looked at as a leader in the plastic injection field. They have received international acclaim in for their works. As a Fortune 1000 enterprise they offer state of the art plastic design through its facilities. They currently are head quartered in San Jose with additional plants in Albany, Pontiac and Hangzhou. (Apollo, 2006)

Quantum Computations: an Analysis and Comparative Study

The Quantum Computer
A quantum computer is a device for computation that makes direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data. The basic principle behind quantum computation is that quantum properties can be used to represent data and perform operations on these data.

Healthcare Technology – Advancements in Nursing

The medical field comprises a vast base of knowledge. Computer storage serves as the best way to house all this information. There are many types of computers that can help with diagnosing illnesses, doing procedures to treat illnesses, and even helping to reduce the degree of invasive procedures during testing. Many facilities are also switching from handwriting patient information logs to computerized patient logs. Including computers in each patient’s room to have their entire file readily available and easily accessible to retrieve and record new patient information. There are more computers than I can name that are used for medical purposes. With many of these we are able to provide many types of tests that can save lives and help in early detection of illnesses. Some include: Ultrasound, MRI and CT, Mammograms, and EKG.

Analysis of Human Resource System at Riordan

Riordan Manufacturing is a plastics manufacturing company with operations in the United States and in China. Riordan employs around 500 employees. Currently, the tracking of employees is done on different systems throughout the company. The tracking system is severely in need of automation and consolidation of employee information. To retain employee satisfaction and stay competitive with other companies, it is necessary for Riordan to update or implement a new system to be more effective. Right now the company’s human resources department does not meet these needs.

Can Technology Consume Us?

In our world today technology is an essential part of everyone’s lives. Cell phones help keep people connected to each other, their work, and even the internet. Cars can parallel park themselves and run on alternative methods of fuel to help the environment. But as we keep making things smarter, we have to ask ourselves how smart is to smart? Sure all these electronics and machines make our lives easier but what happens when they become too smart? What effect will that have on how we communicate, or how we interact? And how will we correct our mistakes if we make them?

Privacy on the Internet for IT Majors

Recently the Internet has seen tremendous growth, with the ranks of new users swelling at ever-increasing rates. This expansion has catapulted it from the realm of academic research towards newfound mainstream acceptance and increased social relevance for the everyday individual. Yet this suddenly increased reliance on the Internet has the potential to erode personal privacies we once took for granted.

Google’s Instant Messaging review

Recently, Google has been making plans to start an instant messaging service. This is in response to the popularity of other instant messaging programs such as AIM, Skype, Vonage and other internet based platforms. There was speculation on whether Google was going to use the funds from its fairly recent 4 billion dollar stock sale to launch the program, although Google denies this. They say they are going to try and merge there way into the market and fund “Google Talk” with other firms offerings. A smart idea, seeing that many companies are trying to buy their way onto the Google “bandwagon”.


The purpose of this report is to present the finding of the web audit for the company named above. The company is owned by certified grower Werner Frtsch while the online website is the partnership venture equally owned by Werner Frtsch and his wife Lily that distributes Freshline’s groceries.

Recognition of Bangla Sign Language Alphabets by Image Processing

This paper presents an image processing technique for mapping Bangla Sign Language alphabets to text. It attempts to process static images of the subject considered, and then matches them to a statistical database of pre-processed images to ultimately recognize the specific set of signed letters. Hand gesture recognition is a challenging problem in its general form. We consider a fixed set of manual commands and a reasonably structured Environment, and develop a simple, yet effective, procedure for gesture recognition. Our approach contains steps for converting the RGB image to Binary image, removing noise from this image, segmenting the hand region, finding out its area, circumference, and edges then extract some features from this preprocessed image. Then we create a database based on this features and classify the gesture based on the database. We also use exclusive-Or template matching and PSNR (Peak signal to noise ratio) comparison to detect the signs of Bangla Sign Language. Finally we combine the result of these three methods to detect the resultant gesture and convert them to text. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the technique on real imagery.