Consumer vs Ewaste


This paper has been jointly authored by S SURESH KUMAR, a post graduate in computer science, and a research scholar employed with GoI alongwith Dr SP VICTOR Head of Department & Director of Research Centre at St Xaviers College , Palayamkottai Tirunelveli both of whom instill great concern for nature.

Orbital Space Debris

Orbital Space Debris

The sun rose blindingly over the crest of the earth. The astronaut moved outside the Space Shuttle Discovery’s cargo bay in his Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU). Held by the shuttle’s robotic arm, a damaged satellite hung about 800 kilometers above the earth and a few meters below the astronaut. As the space walker hovered closer to the satellite, he looked down to see clouds covering parts of America, including his home state of Nebraska. The satellite was damaged badly. Sporting only one solar panel, it had a broken metal arm that made merely a stub on the other side. The day earlier, they had intercepted the missing solar panel, burned and smashed beyond repair. Upon inspection of the damages, both in space and back on earth where the satellite was taken, it was confirmed that a small piece of foreign space debris was responsible for knocking out this civilian communications satellite. While in the vastness of space, an accident like this seems only realistic in a Hollywood movie, but this fictional description is more real than what people realize. It has been fifty years since the launch of the first satellite, Russia’s Sputnik. Since then, as is the case with rapidly advancing technology, satellites have only proliferated and become more entrenched in society’s existence. This has created an incredible amount of crowding in the earth’s orbit that will only get worse as time progresses.

Why Automation Projects Fail

Automation plays an increasingly important role in the global economy and in daily experience. Engineers strive to combine automated devices with mathematical and organizational tools to create complex systems for a rapidly expanding range of applications and human activities. Many roles for humans in industrial processes presently lie beyond the scope of automation. The problems related to automation system failure are discussed in this paper. Different features for building good automation systems are also highlighted in this paper.

NANOTECHNOLOGY ( Molecular or NANO- Manufacturing)

The idea of molecular manufacturing is based on the concept of scaling which is hence required to be deeply studied the various concepts for nano based manufacturing have been developed or proposed as a hypothesis. The main concepts with which we deal in this paper are the basic concept of nanotechnology and further the idea of making a basic nano factory, the problem faced due to scaling and various methods and assumptions that can lead to the formation of a feasible nano factory. The performance of advanced products, and some likely applications, are discussed. Finally, considerations and recommendations for a targeted development program are presented.

The Different Fields of Engineering

Through different interviews I have conducted, the conclusion that I have came up with is; the average person thinks that an engineer just designs buildings. There are many more things that engineers design. There are nine different disciplines within the engineering realm that work on other forms of engineering aside from designing buildings. The engineering field has many jobs within it that create and produce products that we see and use from day to day. Engineers of today are moving our society into the future and make our lives easier by creating useful products that help improve our way of life.

Biodiesel Research Paper


Based on findings by Oliveira et al (2007) and Kondamudi et al (2008 ), this paper aims to outline the socio-economic and environmental benefits of producing biofuels from the waste products of the coffee industry. On average, a fifth of all coffee grown in Latin America is defective, (Oliveira et al 2007) and cannot be sold on international markets where very high standards of quality are required. Using this defective coffee for fuel instead of for the production of low quality beverages would be beneficial to the small scale producers of coffee, as the defective beans may command a much higher price if sold to the biodiesel industry. Additionally, the main hindrance to biofuel production is the cost of crop production. By making use of the wasted by-product of the existing industry, both the economical, and environmental costs of biodiesel production could be reduced.

Top 5 Inventions Since 1945

Top Five Innovations Since 1945

Imagine your life with no cell phone , computer or Internet, wouldn’t you go crazy?Where would the world be without the cell phone the satellite, the M.R.I., the personal computer, or the Internet? Without these innovative objects the world would be at a standstill. There would be no cellular communication, people would not know if they had brain tumors or cancer, or other various diseases. Without the M.R.I, without personal computers people would not be able to accomplish tasks required in their day to day jobs, and without the Internet, well we wouldn’t be able to do extensive research for this project. The cell phone provides people with the necessary communication needed for their lives.

Private Sector Participation in Solid Waste

1.1 Overview of Kathmandu

Kathmandu Valley, which provides the physical setting for Kathamndu Metropolitan City (KMC), is situated between the latitudes 270 32’ 13” and 270 49’ 10” north and latitudes 850 11’ 31” and 850 31’ 38” east. It covers an area of about 667 sq. km and its mean elevation is about 1350m. above sea level. The valley is bowl shaped with rivers draining towards the center of the basin. The rivers merge into the Bagmati River, which drains out through the Chovar Gorge located at the southwest corner of the valley.

Railway Signalling Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Railway Signalling is safety critical domain, where still traditional technology is in use. There are many reasons for using traditional technology; one of the main reasons being the proven Safety performance of the older systems (Relay Based). As the rail traffic is increasing and with higher speed of trains there is an acute need for modernization of Railway Signalling Technology. Even with the advent of Microprocessor based technology, the problems have not been solved.

Bondo, An Autobody Marval

Ever wonder what Bondo is, and how it works? Bondo is a complex mixture of tiny little shards of fiberglass or polyester, resin, and talcum powder. The fiberglass shards keep the compound as strong as OEM (original equipment manufacture) specification, the resin helps assure that the bond to the vehicle being repaired is as strong as it can be. The talcum powder keeps the material flowing smooth. Talcum unfortunately though, absorbs moisture and that is why the fillers absorb water. Which is why it’s so important that the bondo be completely dried before it’s exposed to the elements. The main solvent in the filler is styrene, which is supposed to vaporize as the mixture cures.