Nathaniel Hawthorne (Literary Background)

Puritan heritage was a support and drawback for his work. His heritage gave him inspiration to write, but scine Puritan heritage saw fiction as vanity and an “imitation of God’s creatures and creations,” it also frowned upon his work.

Things Fall Apart: Character Analaysis

Everybody throughout the world have different views on everything. There may be at different times when two or more people think alike but it would not be the exact thought of the other. In the novel, Things Fall Apart, everybody does not think the same as the other. While reading this essay, there would be points on two major characters from the novel. It would show the different lifestyles and ways of their living.

Transformation from House to Wild

Throughout Buck’s adventure he goes through many obstacles, being kidnapped, going from owner to owner, and all the dogs he had encounters with. Even though being a house dog and having everything he needs right there where he needs it, the adventure he goes through changes him and makes him stronger. After being kidnapped Buck didn’t know what to do, but during that time he learned and he found out how to survive in the new world he has to live in. The least event that transformed Buck was the encounters with the many dogs, because not many of them did things to really change him. I think the one that really changes him was being passed down from owner to owner. Buck was passed from one owner being so kind and loving, to two that hit and beat him to get their way, to some who are complete imbeciles who know nothing about sledding, to end up with a great owner who loves him and shows him what love really is.

BCS vs. Playoff

BCS vs. Playoff?
When you take a look at the NCAA division one college sports across the country you notice they all have a similarity. Sports such as basketball, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, boxing, and even swimming all obtain this similarity. That would be that no matter how long the regular season is or how each sport is played their playoff format is the same. Now not all the playoffs are exactly the same nor does the same amount of teams make the playoffs for each sport, but the champion will all be crowned in the same way. The playoffs are started off with each team gets seated from best to worst. Some sports put the teams into brackets; this is usually common in the larger tournaments such as basketball and baseball. The best team gets matched up versus the worst team in the tournament and the remaining teams are matched up accordingly based on the teams left. Then from there it is single elimination where the winner moves on and the losers’ season is over. This continues until there are only two teams left that will compete in the championship. Winner of this game is crowned national champion of their respected sport as they were the last team remaining in their playoff. All these sports never have any controvery about how their postseason is run. Now you may have noticed that I left one major sport out of this group. It was no mistake because football is not run this way, thus the major controversy of the college football postseason.

History of Rugby

The birth of rugby began in England and has developed and spread throughout Britain into one of the nations top played and watched sports. Rugby is a tough sport not only physically but also mentally. It all began in England in the early 1800s and has grown into a huge sport all across Britain with hundreds of teams. A lot of things are different in its early begging stages from how it played today to how the position and fields are set up. My five topics are how rugby was founded, the early rules of rugby, and the early type of apparel worn, the field of play, and its positions.