Big Fish: You Can Acheive Anything

Human beings have the ability to achieve anything. Once he or she has ambition, goals can be achieved even in the presence of obstacles. Therefore, there is no need to settle for mediocrity, because once the mind can perceive it, it can be achieved. Big Fish is about Edward’s stories, the message they portray, and how they affect the people around him.

The Many Roads to Perdition

Michael Sullivan Jr. is the son of an enforcer for John Rooney, an Irish American crime boss in the Midwest during the great depression. Our first sight of Michael is in the opening of the movie when he is riding his bike to a local convenience store to get paid for a paper route that he has just completed.

The Analyses of three African films with reference to Ubuntu

‘The Return of Sarah Baartman’ (2002)
In Zola Maseko’s ‘The Return of Sarah Baartman’ (2002) with reference to the ‘Life and Times of Sarah Baartman’ (1998), it is communicated that Sarah Baartman was a Khoi Khios and her people were South Africa’s indigenous first nation who had been slaughtered in the colonial hunting raid.

“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”

Locked-in syndrome is a condition when a person is completely awake and aware of their surroundings but cannot move any voluntary muscle except their eyes. Locked-in syndrome is caused by strokes that cause lesions to your brain stem and damage the ventral pons.

Psychoanalytic-Feminist Study of American Slasher Film

Woman as castrator: A psychoanalytic-feminist study of the castrating mother and Final Girl in the American slasher film.

This dissertation will explore how the woman is portrayed as castrator in the American slasher film using the critical approach of psychoanalytic-feminism. This will be achieved by analysing the female character as castrating mother and Final Girl.

Heroism in Gattaca (Film)

“Identify and evaluate what human qualities Gattaca considers to be heroic. Do you agree with the film’s views?”

Gattaca is a film that conveys many messages regarding what human qualities constitute heroism. Vincent Freeman is usually the character through which these qualities are highlighted and explored. It is often suggested that Vincent’s journey through Gattaca (both the film and the institution) qualify as heroic. Thus, it could be asserted that the qualities that Vincent exhibits throughout this journey are considered by the film to be heroic.

Documentary films

A documentary film is a broad category of filmmaking practice that tries to document reality. It is a film genre that attempts to portray realism in the sense that it presents ‘actual’ people, places, activities and events. The fact that it documents ‘actual’ means that documentary films deal with fact and not fiction.

Bollywood Film Festival

The film festival that I have enjoyed to most is an Indian film festival held at New Delhi in December 2005. There were great movies with different stories were released in that film festival. One of the reasons why I liked this festival is, the actors and actress of each individual movies, were excellent in their acting. The whole film festival was of 5 days showing 5 different Bollywood movies. They were very distinct from each other and they were some of the most famous movies of Bollywood. What I have learned from the film festival is that “love” is the single most important thing in life and our lives revolves around it each single day and night of our lives.

Analytical Consideration in Filmmaking

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort with several elements that are worthy of analytical consideration. The success of a film is dependent upon telling a story that is cohesive and interesting through the use of cinematic elements, talented actors, and a host of other factors that affect the films quality. The ability to analyze these elements by the audience can enhance and deepen their viewing experience. Paying attention to the details of a film along with the nuances that occur between actors during their interactions with one another adds further dimension to what would have otherwise been a simple, flat story line.

Do The Right Thing: Stereotype Analysis

In Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, five characters of different races turn directly to the camera and angrily vociferate a long list of racial slurs about other ethnicities that, in the end, leaves the viewer wondering what hit them. One hears time old slanders and massive generalizations, combined with new sounding stereotypes that everybody seems to understand. What underlying commentary about race relations in America today did Spike Lee have by including this upsetting, disturbing scene in the film?