Importance of Eating Healthy

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art” ” Francois de La Rochefoucauld (1613 – 1680). Eating is necessary in order to live; but to eat with knowledge is a talent in it self.

The Effects of the Uninsured on the Economy

We face a health care crisis today like we have never faced before.

People are suffering, they are going without critical healthcare, and the effects are tearing families apart. People are going without life saving medication, dying prematurely, and suffering emotionally (Ruth, 2005-2006).Yet our healthcare system leaves 47 million Americans uninsured (Farrell, 2009).

The Choice of Vegetarianism: An Annotated Bibliography

Dowshen, Steven M.D. Children’s Heath News. May 2007. Nemours Foundation. Jan. 20, 2009.

The article questions the motive of a number of vegetarians. It depicts the story of a 6 week old boy who died of malnutrition, weighing only three and a half pounds, after his parents put him on a vegetarian diet. In court it was said, “The couple never intended to harm their baby and were only trying to lead a vegan lifestyle.” The parents were sentenced to life in prison. The issue of a well balanced and planed diet is stressed, explaining the importance of each vital nutrient.

The Lyceum Address

The Lyceum Address is Lincoln’s speech to Springfield, Illinois about Freedom and its significance. According to him, the relation between citizens and their country is vice-versa. The people are quite emotional about their country as it is a natural feeling and this relationship gets stronger and stronger if they get their full rights, which include freedom of speech, equality, and protection by the law and self-defense. He says it is the duty of the political government to take care of their people. He stresses over political and religious freedom. He says that it is the duty of the people in the present and future generation to fulfill all the promises made in the Declaration of Independence. He says we need to respect each other’s freedom and by doing so we will have a good relationship between the country and the people. Lincoln talks about mob rule. He does not want this taking over and which would have people disregard the law which keep law and order in America. He feels that his faith in the law will keep America safe from mobs and their controlling of it. This would give self-rule having peopled live according to rules of laws that they choose as a limitation to their freedom. Lincoln makes sure that a “mobocratic sprit is not the ruining of our country. Lincoln feels that the faith in the government is like the faith in the lord, calling it the “political religion” (Donald 167).Which represents the passion and trust needed to ensure the American government? With the political religion you have the political faith which would have you obeying the good laws and also the bad laws.

The Application and Benefits of Activity Massage

Activity Massage uses skilled manipulation of soft tissues and utilises a specific set of techniques to assist with body maintenance, recovery and prevention of problems. The beneficial effects of massage start with its positive influence on the muscular and soft tissues of the body, improving circulation of blood and lymph fluids. It is widely accepted that massage can help to speed up recovery in between training sessions and signpost potential stresses or injury as well as supporting faster rehabilitation to sustained injuries. It is not, however, purely a physical experience and massage may also provide a means of relaxation and stress relief, promoting mental well-being and stimulating the senses.

Gaining Muscle

When it comes to being an athlete, weight is a very important factor; especially football. Usually when you hear about weight problems you always hear about people being overweight, you rarely hear about people being underweight. It sounds easy but gaining weight can actually be hard for some people, especially if you’re trying to gain it the right way.

The Disease Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by extensive pain in your muscles, ligaments and tendons, as well as tiredness and multiple tender points (places on your body where slight pressure causes pain).