Negative Effects of Marijuana Use

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, ganja, hemp, hash, or just plain weed, is not just the harmless relaxing drug that the public likes to think it is. Regular or even infrequent marijuana smokers can suffer from a list of both long and short term health problems, many social issues and legal consequences; not to mention the bad effects it has on your body while “high.” There is a substance in the cannabis plant called THC which is what affects your brain when smoking weed, and is the main chemical in marijuana. Since marijuana has not only THC but also CBD it cannot be classified as just a stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogen, however, THC is the main ingredient so it leans more toward a hallucinogen. Smoking marijuana regularly or even just at a party every now and then is not only wrong and illegal, but also dangerous to one’s body, mind, and life in the long run.

Creating a Viable Healthcare Policy

An effective health care system provides quality health care needs of a country’s population. Various countries have devised a variety of health-care systems that suit the target population that a country is aiming at. According to the World Health Organization, the goals of a health care system should be to promote good health, fair financial contributions and responsible policies (W.H.O, 2000). Even though financial constraints exist, a good health care system should meet the health care needs of a population because it promotes good health and improves people’s living standards.

Behavioral Therapy

Behaviorism is a school of thought that emphasizes the role of experience in governing behavior (Klein 2008). Behaviorists regard behavior as overtly displayed, measurable, learned physiological reactions to environmental stimuli, rather than of mental state. Psychological disorders are seen as causes of maladaptive learning. Behavioral therapy is one in which the basic tenets of learning theory – the elementary principles of how learning occurs – are used to change behavior (Kroger 1977).


According to the National Institute Mental Health (NIMH) booklet (2008), Bipolar disorder is commonly known for a manic-depressive illness. This is caused by a brain disorder that usually shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and carried out day by day. The symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe. The different norms that can go from up or down moods. Bipolar symptoms can damage a healthy relationship, job and school performance, and even suicidal.

The Cost of Health Care

Health care finance has changed drastically over the last five decades. Initially, Medicare and Medicaid were established to help the elderly, lower income families, and the disabled, afford decent medical care. It has now grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and over the years it has changed to benefit not only the elderly and poor, but everyone. As medical technology grows, so do the costs of health care for everyone. In his health care reform, President Obama says our health care system is one of the biggest causes of our economic troubles, going so far as to name it a, “ticking time-bomb.” (Johnson, Linda A., 2010).

Elderly Abuse

Physical elder abuse is non-accidental use of force against an elderly person that results in physical pain, injury, or impairment. Such abuse includes not only physical assaults such as hitting or shoving but the inappropriate use of drugs, restraints, or confinement.

Oral Cancer

Historically, most of the patients are above 40 years of age at the time of discovery of oral cancer. Aging is an important factor because the immunity diminishes with age as well as there are increased chances for the cells turning from benign to malignant tumor cells. This is further supported by the fact released recently in 2008 which says that oral cancer exists even among the non smokers who are below 50 years of age.

Environmental Health and Safety

The first purpose of this paper is to explain (using the given scenario) which of the following two approaches to enhance food safety would be more effective in the long run; a stronger enforcement program by the local health department or a mandatory food safety training requirement for all restaurants employees. In addition I will describe worker behaviors that may promote or compromise food safety. The scenario is there have been several complaints in your community about dirty restaurants. Several restaurants are no longer in business as a result of a television expose. You are the head of a citizen task force and have been asked to make recommendations for improved food safety. The members of the task force are at odds over which approach to food safety best serves the interests of the community.

Clinical Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct is a term for variety different sexual acts. This is a problem that lies in clinical, legal, and ethical judgment of a person. One of the many types of misconduct occurs in professional relationships. When a physician advances sexual acts upon a client or patient this constitutes as sexual misconduct. This type of behavior is obviously wrong and unacceptable. In the case outlined in the text concerning a dentist’s inappropriate sexual contact; there was evidence that while under dental care the practitioner engaged in physical and sexual relationship with five different patients. This type of thing happens more than some may think. In this case there was an obvious wrong due to the ages of the patients. The dentist advanced to patients from age seven to fifteen (Pozgar, 269). This would not only constitute as misconduct, but also a statutory case.

Modern Day Monster – STD Health Essay

We thought Beowulf had some serious monsters in it, but that was just in a book. The real scary monsters are the ones that penetrate the pages and are involved in everyday life. Some contemporary monsters do not seem as dangerous as they are which in reality makes them more of a threat because we are much more vulnerable to what we are unaware of. Sex is a contemporary monster; it preys on ignorant young children, teens especially, and can affect the rest of their lives, adding babies and problematic relationships to the mix. The attack is the fact that people have rushed into and become stuck in a situation that they cannot control because they were not ready or prepared for the extremes that can come along with participating in sex. There are ways to prevent sex from being so dangerous but it includes education and open talking from an adult figure which, shown in many studies, is not available to every child everywhere. (Carr, Teen Sex Statistics) Not exactly sex, but the ignorance that many people enter sex with, is dangerous.