Mediators and advocates are very important to the human service field because clients are often uneducated when it comes to knowing their rights and liberties that exist for them in our society.


North Korea and its Humanitarian Crisis

North Korea is a very closed from international community, it’s inside life is covered with secrets. And after watching this two short movies made by international journalist, I understood their problem in deeper way. First of all there are no human rights, and people cannot do anything because of regime stated by Kim IL Sung, and continued after his death by his son Kim Jong Il. Not ordinary people, even the U.N. has done almost nothing about North Korea’s humanitarian crises — the mass starvation, repression, murder, and refugee flows. I think for Kim Jong Il is like a computer game-to manipulate and manage all people in his country, even kids, there is no happiness in their lifes, but they are not guilty to what they are suffering now. Who gave the right for this terrain to heads of country? They think they are the highest power or even gods?

Lawrence Sports, Capital Management Analysis and Methodology Overhaul

Liquidity must become a primary focus for any business hoping to create sustainable growth. Lawrence Sports, a fictional company, is presently in need of capital management analysis and methodology overhaul. Included in this paper is a discussion of the issues, opportunities, values and solutions that the firm should be considering. The 9 step problem solution model is the format used to take the reader through critical identification, evaluation and implementation of elements that will transform a problem into new growth opportunity.

Marriage Contrast: American and Arab Culture

The basic building block of all societies has always been the family. Within the family, marriage is the one ingredient that seems to affect the family’s wellbeing the most. While marriage is now being redefined in certain societies, by enlarge it remains constant as an institution shared by all cultures throughout the world. The marriage rituals, gender roles, expectations, and the role it plays within a society may differ between societies, nevertheless, in one form or another, it exist in almost all societies. In this paper, we will compare and contrast the marriage institution in the American culture versus the Arabic Middle Eastern culture.

Non-lethal Weapons

Non-lethal weapons (also known as less-than lethal weapons) are one of the most important forms of technology in the twenty-first century. They are a well-needed augmentation for the guns and other types of lethal weapons that are being used to defend innocent lives without the desire to cause bloodshed and death. Mainly used by law enforcement and U.S. forces, non-lethal weapons can also be purchased and owned by civilians over a specific age in some states. The different types of non-lethal weapons range from hand-held spray-able irritants to long-range chemical lasers. While the types are different in physical appearance and content, their purpose is the same. Non-lethal weapons are meant to keep a person or group from harm by confusing, disorienting, or momentarily distracting potential threats. They can be used in varying types or situations with varying levels of danger.

Review of ‘The End of Imagination’

“The end of imagination” is Arundhati Roy’s take on India’s nuclear tests. It is a rather fierce, passionate and heartfelt piece that takes its toll on one’s mind. People may or may not agree with the views expressed in this article, as is the case with most articles. But then, what makes this article worthwhile is that it makes one ask questions. It makes one aware of the matters one often takes for granted. It makes one think.

The Pieta by Michelangelo

At 22, a relatively unknown artist by the name of Michelangelo created a marble sculpture that continues to be seen by people around the world in the Vatican City of Rome. This piece named The Pieta has been sculpted from a single slab of marble from the Pits of Carrara. In Germany during the 13th-Century, the earliest representation of The Pieta was created into a polychromed wood sculpture. In Italy during the 14th-Century, The Pieta was mostly painted on side panels of

The Roles of Science and Religion

“Science today is as much a natural product of history as any religious system.”

The term ‘natural product of history’ is coined from the idea of beliefs, practices and objects being changed through time and inevitably, the process of creating these products, somehow or rather, tend to involve human activity. The effects and suggestions to the statement “Science today is as much a natural product of history as any religious system.”as related to the study of science and religion will be discussed further in this essay.

Why We Study Humanities

One of the reasons why we study Humanities is to make people educated, cultured, civilized,socialized and refined. It is needed to respond to a rapid a social change. Without Humanities accompanying with the changes would be difficult for everyone. Life and society have different beauties that should be