The Old Man and the Sea Essay

The Old Man and the Sea is a very complex novel; there are symbolic meanings behind everything. This novel was written by Ernest Hemingway, the tale of this old man in Cuba was based on himself his life. The old man named Santiago and the boy named Manolin would fish all of the time together. The boy and the man once went eighty five days without catching a single fish but they never gave up hope. They boy’s parents made him work for a different boat but the old man knew the boy still had faith in him. The old man would encounter many troublesome conflicts with himself and his surroundings, but one of which could be the battle for his life.

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Critical Analysis of Hamlet

A Critical Analysis of Hamlet

Why is Shakespeare considered to be one of the greatest playwrights of his time? Shakespeare lived in the Elizabethan era and had to write for an Elizabethan audience and theater. By today’s standards, this was no picnic in the park. Under those circumstances, he wrote some of the greatest works in history. These works, still popular today, prove him to be a consummate dramatist.

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The Story of Beatrix Potter

Helen Beatrix Potter was born on Saturday, July 28, 1866 at 2 Bolton Gardens, South Kensington, Middlesex in the country of England. She was the first child born to Rupert and Helen Potter; a well-to-do London couple who were heirs to a cotton fortune.

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