Functions of Management Paper — MGT 330

When I think about Management, I think of it as setting clear goals, planning the most effective path to achieve these goals and tasks, dividing work and having strong skills in motivating others, and having a clear standard to successfully achieve the best in each work segment. When setting goals, a manager needs to be someone who can use specific methods to work with his or her organization to successfully achieve the goals. There are four basic functions of management that one should use in order to successfully achieve his or her goals; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These functions are the basis of all careers. They can be implemented no matter who is setting the goals; from small, personally owned businesses to larger corporations. Within the career field I have chosen, these functions have proven to be extremely valuable in achieving the goals that I have set forth in the workplace.

Ethics in the Workplace

This paper focuses on current work ethics, duties and work place environment situations of the author. Each day dealing with customers both internal and external is like walking a tight rope. While an individual must speak his mind, he must also take into account the ethical issues from what may be shared between different people that the author deals with from time to time. He must also remember the laws of both company and local ordinances are kept in check.

hra verses Michael Bloomberg

HRA is a social service city ran organization, which provides various services to over three million New Yorkers. HRA operated under the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg administration. The mayor is the leader over all of the New York City agencies/government such as the all-public facilities such as social services, teen programs, and adult protective programs for the elderly and children services. Mayor Bloomberg is responsible for making sure policies, governing laws, and services implemented. “His job is to enforce these laws to the fullest within the city limits: five boroughs’ Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Bronx. “( Jan 28). Michael Bloomberg oversees the city’s budget, and civil and non-civil servants employed by the city. Just like many administrations, he appoints department managers/heads and commissioners within these public agencies to oversee the operations. The department heads must also enforce the city and state laws and reports directly to the mayor. What is Michael Bloombergs hidden agenda for the City of New York?

Human Resource Roles and Responsibilities

Human Resources Management (HRM) is a continually changing process, focusing on an organization’s staffing needs, how to fill those needs, and how to adjust to the circumstances and specifications required. Staffing, training, and managing employees while maintaining performance standards and capabilities requires a knowledgeable and flexible human resources department (HRD). Factors pertaining to globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics (University of Phoenix, 2010, Syllabus) constantly pull organizations in different directions. This paper briefly describes the role of HRM and its response to trends, and existing factors faced in an ever-changing society.