History of Rap Music Essay

Create The Music
The genre called Rap originated in the Bronx, New York, in the mid 1970’ (Howard). Of the many legends of how Rap came to be the most popular has to do with the humble DJ’s and MC’s of the underground clubs. While the DJ spun the track, the MC would entertain the crowd with simple rhymes (EZ Track). Over the years, Rap Music has become the theme songs of most young African American men in the United States. However the genre has broke boundaries and entered almost every culture outside of the states. Nonetheless a Rapper, along with Rap Music, is stereotyped to be associated with the thug life. Most individuals think that a Rap song is no more than a guy spitting rhymes about how much money he has, how many women he has slept with, or how low a girl can get. Yet they neglect to mention the Rappers such as Tupac Shakur, Nas, or Ice Cube who didn’t flaunt, but instead made poetry. Tupac was one of those artists that took his gift to alter the entire Rap game (Howard).

Biography of Pink Floyd

Music is a large field made of many types each having a character and a color. Through it audience is selected and the taste is acquired. Music genre differs and new styles get born. Few pioneer some what reached perfection and become legend in the genre they play, such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd took psychedelic rock to a next level and became icons in their field. They lead flourishing years in the early 60’s and stayed on track despite the various problems they went through. Here is a glimpse of pink Floyd’s stages from early 60’s till present time.

Puerto Rico: Music and Culture Essay

The inhabitants of the Island of Puerto Rico, known by the name of Borikén to its natives, possess a strong passion for music. To understand the root of this passion it is necessary to explore some of their history and culture. It is also essential to understand some of the basic key elements of the music that Puerto Rican folk and classical music has derived from. This will help the reader to better appreciate the contributions that Puerto Rican music has made to modern music.

Hip-Hop is Art

Hip-hop music is known to be a value player to violence, drugs, and gangs. Through time people looked down on this music genre as degrading, and mindless sound.

Rebellious: The New State of Music

Rebellious: The New State of Music – The Affects Rebellious Music Have on Contemporary Music

With the vast majority of ne genres of music; the basics barely exist. This project focuses on how music has resorted to a rebellious state. Older generations once known music as an entertainment tool during hard times. In today’s generation music has no longer comfort the soul.

Beauty of Music

Beauty is an object, person, or an idea that creates a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction. Beauty is found in many everyday things such as nature, art, literature, and music. The most beautiful of all of these is music. Music is beautiful in a way that nothing else can be. Music is beautiful because it makes the listener have pleasure and satisfaction while listening to it, but it also leaves the composer with pleasure and satisfaction from writing it. Some ways that music is beautiful are that the listener can relate to the lyrics, the composer can express their feelings through the lyrics, and a song can tell a story.

Irving Berlin

Irving Berlin was born in the poverty stricken town of Tyumen, Russia. He was born on May 11th, 1988 and his birth name was Israel Baline. He was the youngest of 9 children born to Moses and Leah (Lena) Baline. In 1893, escaping Russian persecution, the Baline’s fled to America and settled in the lower East side of New York. Baline’s father was a shochel for the Jewish synagogue in Russia and after arriving in New York he was forced to work in local markets. The Baline children had to work selling newspapers to help the family, like so many other immigrated families had to do. Shortly after his fathers death in 1896, Baline ran away from home. After leaving home, Baline earned money by singing at popular cafes and restaurants in the Bowery.

Bernstein and Beethoven

A product of his times….that seems like such a cliché way of telling a story – but, yes! A product of The Age of Enlightenment, Beethoven was all about some revolution. Through his free and fierce nature, he wrenched music out of the 18th century and into the next – Stravinsky would do the same thing a century later. What Beethoven did makes him if not the last of the Classicists then arguably the first of the Romantics. His adventures in disregarding 18th-century structure, requirements and protocol marked his music and his daily life, and in both areas he achieved a virtually complete freedom of expression. He was like Elvis Presley of the symphony…only he never wiggled his crotch on Ed Sullivan.

Biography of Bob Dylan

Duluth Minnesota, May 24th 1941 Robert Allen Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) was born. 69 Years and over 45 albums later Bob Dylan has completely altered the face of popular music since his debut as a fresh faced folk singer in 1962. His early career forged him into an informal chronicler and then he later developed into an apparently reluctant figurehead of social unrest [Gray, 2006] and became a voice for a generation. His songs have been covered by many artists in a wide span of genres and he has remained a prominent and highly influential figure in the history of popular music over the past five decades. [Gates, David, 1997]

Love, Teardrops, and The Hundred Secret Senses

The song “Teardrop” by the 1980’s British brand Massive Attack, which was written by the Scottish singer Elizabeth Fraser, explores the theme of love through the diction and use of repetition (Ankeny). Amy Tan’s fictional novel, the The Hundred Secret Senses, also explores a theme of love similar to that of “Teardrop” through the depiction of the protagonist Olivia’s and her husband, Simon’s relationship.