Leonard Bernstein

On August 25, 1918 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, a music legend was born. Leonard Bernstein was Jewish and went to school at Garrison and Boston Latin Schools while learning to play the piano. He found a love for music early on. When Leonard went to Harvard he met some great people, such as Walter Piston and A. Tillman Merritt. While at Harvard he wrote music to “The Birds” and directed and performed in “The Cradle Will Rock” by Marc Blitzstein. He then went to the Curtis Institute of Music in PA and studied piano, conducting and orchestration.

Rise Against: Modern day folk rocks biggest band

The band Rise Against is one the best and outspoken bands today. Almost every one of their songs are about and deep social issue and lead singer/songwriter Tim is a very smart person who puts a lot of heart into his songs. Their most recent album Appeal to reason has three songs with very different and strong issues. Re-Education (Through Labor), which is about the 925 lifestyle and the dog-eat-dog world we live in do to things like the declining economy and the rising unemployment rate. The environment and global warming are discussed in Collapse (Post-Amerika). Lastly the song Entertainment talks about the issues with celebrity worship and the way the paparatzi and Hollywood treat their celebrities.

Athens Georgia Music Scene

When most people think of music coming from Athens, Georgia, they think of the B-52s and R.E.M. However, there is a new genre of music coming out of Athens called Athens Rock. Even though it is called a rock genre, it has a little bit of all the popular genres including country, hip-hop, blugrass, and rock. This genre has been newly created by these three particular artists that have not actually signed record labels yet, but are still very popular. These

Leonard Bersteine’s Recording of Tristan and Isolde

When I read on the course syllabus that the first short assignment of this course will be writing a review for a performence of Richard Wagner’s three-act, romantic masterpiece: Tristan and Isolde, I was ecstatic. I’ve always enjoy love stories, but even more so when it is put into music. To me, love and music are like two pieces of puzzles that completes

Joe Magnarelli at Smalls Jazz Club

On Thursday, February 13th, I went to a club performance at Smalls Jazz Club on 183 W. 10th Street to hear Joe Magnarelli on trumpet play a set with a pianist, bassist, and percussionist. The set lasted over an hour and was appreciated by a large

Effects of Rock Music in Teenagers

Teens nowadays have so much freedom that they express anything that they feel. You can easily see us, just by our outfits. Nowadays, we wear what we want and follow nobody. We are really open to new ideas and possibilities. Our generation is very innovative.

The History of Rock Music

Rock music crashed its way into the American music scene in 1955 via AM radio. From then to the early 1970s, rock and roll mirrored and also influenced almost every aspect of American life as there were

Music in the 60s

In a farm field located in Sullivan County, in the township of Bethel, New York, approximately 400,000 young people gathered to form a community based on some pretty simple philosophies (Rolin 204). Their call was not for violent revolution or anarchy but

Four-hand vs. Two-hand Pianos Compositions

Chamber Music LiteratureTerm Paper: Piano Ensembles Pianos are usually used as a solo instrument or accompanying other instruments. However, composers have written numerous compositions for two or more pianos in addition to four-hand piano compositions.

Influence of Music in the Major Religions of Asia

“Music gives us the capacity to express the deepest feelings of the human soul.” Worldwide, music has an important and varied range of application in religious practice. In the major religions of Asia, music is an especially vital part of theology and worship. In