The Open Window

In “The Open Window” irony occurs in a variety of ways. Some of the characters demonstrate a mirror image of their names and their personalities. On the other hand, other character’s names are the complete opposite of their personalities.

“Roses” – A Short Story

If I could go back, even for a day, maybe things could have been different. I would give him a hug to assure him thinks are ok, despite the cruel circumstances he was under. I’d let him know there are more people who care about him than don’t. But time cannot rewind,

A & P- The Heroic Sheep Herder

One of the main reasons that a short story can be so effective is familiarity. An author uses different ways to connect with their readers to draw interest. Some authors use themes that are common to everyday

A Silent Angel – Short Story

My memory is like the treasured, antique chest which sits locked in the attic untouched, just holding my life’s story. It is a collection of dreams and endeavors. It’s an album filled with snapshots of the

The Funeral – A Short Story

He sat there, a picture of age and death, his massive head lying on his withered shoulders. His nose, once sharp and elegant, was now bulbous. His eyes were reduced to liquid pools, clouded with confusion.

As The Footsteps Came Closer – Short Story

As The Footsteps Came Closer – Short Story
They had a perfect life. They had married just three months ago and moved into a big new house with a huge garden quite far away from London but near enough for him to go to his office in the Bank of England and be back

It All Seemed Right – Short Story

It All Seemed Right – Short Story
Laura was an ambitious young American woman who had her life almost completely in order. She had a good career, was married to a wealthy doctor, and had a beautiful daughter. The only thing in Betty’s life that was

My Personal Essay – Creative Writing Class Short Story

“My Personal Essay” – Creative Writing Class Short Story
Night over the city, silence and darkness came out of their forbidden ground. Children are sleeping, adult are lying on their own pluck. All of them escaping from the gloom and blue, but there was still some exception. Yellow helmets checked. Touches checked. Group of tiny manikins were