Biography of Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was probably one of the most influential post-impressionist by taking the bright colors and style of painting and incorporating them into his own unique style. Van Gogh produced most

The Woman of Willendorf

The Woman of Willendorf was discovered in 1908 by the archaeologist Josef Szombathy. The sculpture is one of the greatest findings in art history and is considered a significant symbol of what we know about beauty from the past. The Woman of Willendorf

Analysis of Christian Boltanski and Roni Horn

Christian Boltanski and Roni Horn are two contemporary artists who use photography as a means to an end. If asked Boltanski would probably shrug off the notion that he is a photographer let alone someone who even cares how a camera works. Horn would

Max Beckmann’s “Self Portrait in Bowler Hat”

A sixteen year old female slowly walks around the art museum. She passes by numerous art works, not paying too much attention. Music cascades through her head as she stops dead in her tracks. In front of her is a drawing of a man with lines and shading that express

Cleopatra and the Peasant

The French Romantic painter Eugene Delacroix painted the beautiful and vivid “Cleopatra and the Peasant” in 1838. This impressive piece of art draws the viewers’ attention through its superb style, choice of vibrant colors, and its emotional tone. Paul Valéry once

Migrant Mother and the Electronic Super highway

New Jersey born Dorothea Lange, originally Dorothea Margaretta Nutzhorn, was an incredible photographer. Lange was able to catch the human dignity of a person in any dire situation, whether it was economical, social, emotional, or some combination of the three.

Jean Val Jean’s Influences – Les Miserbles

Jean Val Jean greatly influenced everyone he came across. He influenced Fantine to repent her sins and stop her line of work. He helped her try to get her daughter back and gave her a place to stay and eat even though she had a daughter out of wedlock. In addition,