Team based management

When two or more people gather together in order to accomplish a common task, then it’s known as a group. A team comprises of a group of people who are link for a common purpose. Teams are suitable for tasks which are complicated in nature. In a team there are different people with different skills to support one another. People individual ability helps minimize other people’s disability. There are many teams like independent and interdependent team; self managed team, project teams, sports team, cross functional team and virtual team. (Wikipedia, 2008) The main objective of this essay is to identify the advantages of team based management and affect of team on organization culture and structure. In this essay, different types of teams, pros and cons of team, impacts of team on organization structure and culture have been discussed.


A vector is a mathematical object possessing, and fully described by, a magnitude and a direction. It’s possible to talk about vectors simply in terms of numbers, but it’s often a lot easier to represent them graphically as arrows. The vector’s magnitude is equal to the length of the arrow, and its direction corresponds to where the arrow is pointing. Physicists commonly refer to the point of a vector as its tip and the base as its tail.

University of California Admission Essay Example

University of California Admission Essay Example
I believe that we all have a destiny, but we are not predestined. Like a hand of cards one is dealt in a card game, it is not so much about holding good cards but in playing the ones you hold well. The hand you are dealt is something you can not control, but the way you play is up to you. Some people use the opportunities they have to empower themselves into a better situation while others throw away their chances and end up doing poorly. In the short distance I have traveled in life, I have learned from my parents that where I end up in life is not as important as the person I become through the journey. I have also picked up that growing up involves reflecting on my past and present decisions. As Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Continually making myself aware of my behavior has helped me to keep an open mind when I face obstacles in my life.