Pingpong and My Father

Pingpong and My Father – Example Admission Essay Question 200 Words or Less
I enjoy sports a great deal, especially pingpong. As we all know, pingpong is one of the most popular sports in China. By playing pingpong I am able to keep healthy and find a way to better communicate with my father.

My Experience as a Member of Digital Business Academy

Being a member in the Digital Business Academy has taught me how to be successful in the future. Learning all of these computer techniques and skills improved my knowledge of using programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc. Before joining the Academy, I did not know how to use any of the programs. Being in the Academy for the past three years, I get to meet new people and make new friends. It is fun getting to be with the same students in four of your classes and going on field trips with hem because you become more attached to them and it feels like a big family. Being in the Academy also have me accomplished my goals and having integrity. I am glad that I am part of this Academy.

Example of Stanford University Personal Statement

Example of Stanford University Personal Statement
Thoreau suggested making our lives simple by simplifying our possessions. Possessions do not only limit on concrete objects such as physical object that we have such as jewels or money, but also have a meaning on abstract concepts such as friendship, love that you obtain from the relationship with other people.

Example of Bridgewater College Undergraduate Admission Essay

Example Bridgewater College Undergraduate Admission Essay
College to me is the key to a successful money making future and that’s what I want is to make money. I heard about Bridgewater College through the transfer program at BCC in Fall River Mass. I have been attending BCC since January, and I plan on taking summer courses so I will be caught up with a sophomore year of college.I am on a degree plan right now for Human Services but my mind is not made up yet.