The gears of war

Murder for the first time… this knowledge comes as an extreme shock. The audience, having a conventional understanding of a lottery, assumes its implications are positive. Jackson decides to title her story “the Lottery;” thus, deliberately plays off her reader’s assumptions, hiding her subtle yet powerful themes and symbols from their immediate notice. A close examination of the story draws attention to details such as the life and death symbolism found in the names of the town leaders Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves (Nebeker, 101). Revelation of these symbols conveys meaningful clues behind the ordinary activities and dialogue witnessed that day.

Xbox 360 Technical Instructions

The electronic device I am writing about is the Xbox 360 made by Microsoft. The technical website that Xbox has is a very detailed one. ( The website has everything you could ever want or need

Affects of Video Games

From Atari to Nintendo to now Playstation 3, video game systems have develop into some of the greatest past time games to play alone or with friends. The generation of the 21st century have made video game