Fetching water – a Strenuous Obligation of Rural Women in India

For women there are no developed countries. Implied in this statement is the truth that women everywhere works for longer hours, the plight of poor rural women is rather worse. Every dawn brings with it a long search of fuel fodder and water. It does not matter if the women are old, young or pregnant, crucial household needs have to be met after weary day.


Endometriosis is a painful disease in which the uterine lining moves outside the womb and grows in other parts of the body. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2003 but found that I had the disease since my early teens. Far too many doctors still believe that endometriosis is rare in teenagers and young women; I can undoubtedly prove them wrong. Consequently, they do not consider a diagnosis of endometriosis when teenagers and young women come to them complaining of symptoms like period pain, pelvic pain and painful intercourse. The realization that endometriosis could be found in teenagers and young women came about as a result of research by the national endometriosis support groups. Thankfully the research caught the attention of some eminent gynecologist in the 1990s. So , teenagers and young women in their early 20s are not too young to have endometriosis.

Incidences of Sexual Harassment in Northern Cyprus

Sexual harassment is not a new phenomenon. It has probably existed as long as both sexes have been in existence. Sexual harassment is harassment or unwelcome attention of a sexual nature. It includes a variety of behaviors, including mild transgressions and annoyances to serious abuses, which also involves forced sexual activity (Boland, 2002). Males as harassers and females as victims are the most common types of sexual harassment (O’Donohue et al, 1998). Research on sexual harassment usually falls into two categories: (1) investigating the dimensions of sexual harassment, and (2) investigating the factors that influence an individual’s perception of sexual harassment (Tata, 1993, cited in LaRocca, 1999). These factors include severity of the behavior, context in which the behavior occurs i.e., power differentials, and incidental attributes of the persons involved i.e., physical attractiveness.

Abortion: A Woman’s Right

Several years ago, a woman I know had to make a very difficult and controversial decision. She was twenty fours years old and a single mother of one child. She had moved in with a new boyfriend and promptly quit her job. She no longer had a vehicle, since she had been in a car accident weeks earlier, so there was not much prospect of her finding work. A few weeks into this new relationship, she found herself pregnant. This was completely unplanned, but they both seemed to be very excited about it. A month later, however, the situation radically changed. She found her boyfriend to be possessive and abusive. She decided to move out one day while he was at work. Because she had no money, no job, and no car, she was forced to temporarily stay with some family. That situation turned volatile very quickly as well. At this point she had to make a decision: should she have the baby, knowing full well she couldn’t take care of it, or should she have an abortion? Because I know her, I know that this was a very difficult decision for her to make. In the end she chose to have an abortion. Because of her decision to have an abortion, five years later, she is in a much better situation. She has a full time job, a car, and her own apartment. She also now has two beautiful children. About a year after he abortion, she had a much more stable life and when she found herself pregnant (unplanned, though it was) she chose to have the baby. This time she knew she would be able to properly care for the child.

“Pants” – A Symbol of Gender

We have all heard people say, “The man wears the pants in the family”. Pants are a good symbol of both gender and social class in the conservative community. This well known phrase comes from a time when men were superior to women, a time where men could do things that women could not and visa versa. Men wore pants and women wore skirts. Also, it was easy to establish social class by the type of pants that a person was wearing. Whether a person was wearing suit pants, blue jeans, work pants, scrubs or no pants at all, said a lot about that person and what their role was in society. However, that is no longer the case. Times have changed. For a woman who has grown up in this new era, it is hard to believe that there was a time when women

The Social History of the Birth Control Pill

Throughout history, women’s lacked essential freedoms due to their obligation to maintain the home and bear children. Women were raised to be modest and asexual until marriage. During marriage, women still had to be modest, but they were encouraged to be very sexual beings with their husbands to reproduce. However, the act of bearing and raising children consumed women’s lives. Women were required to stay in the home and be good, maternal beings. It was only until the invention of the birth control pill that women were able to truly take some control over their bodies and livelihood.

Arab Woman to Gain Quotas

Quotas are setting up a percentage of or number or the representation of a certain group, in this case it will be women, most frequently in the form of a minimum percentage, for example a 20, 30 or 40 percent. Quotas are used as a measure to boost the representation of excluded or under-represented groups in politics in the past. In most of the countries quotas are target mostly to woman. It is targeted towards woman because the county was woman to take part in the county’s politics and it also helps woman’s to bring out the problems they face in the society and what the county can do to help them solve their problems.

Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace

Under federal law, sexual harassment is described as a form of sex discrimination that violates a person’s civil rights, creates a hostile work environment and is conduct that is unwanted and sexual in nature. In 1994, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that behavior could be considered sexual harassment and a violation of a person’s civil rights if it creates a hostile and abusive working environment. Sexual harassment can occur in a variety of circumstances. It may be physical, verbal or non-verbal.

Fight for Same Sex Marriage

Same gender marriage is a very new law that people have been trying to legalize all around. Tom me I strongly am against the whole same gender marriage. I don’t mind the same sex being together I do have a lot of homosexuals as friends and I never did anything bad about their likes of the same gender relationship. But Marriage is way too far for my blood.